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Who is Sorantis TFM?

Sorantis TFM is a company specialized in providing integrated property maintenance services.

Active in the Facility Management services market since 2002, Sorantis TFM has permanently improved its area of competence, offering its customers quality services at the best prices.

Performance translates into structured meetings, detailed reports, ongoing communication, performance indicators, delivery of results, continuous improvement of services provided and proactivity.

We provide personalized services, designed to the specifics of your business.


Offices and headquarters

Commercial and technical networks

Banking networks, shopping malls, logistics centers.

Industrial center

Factories, laboratories.

Public centers

Hotels, museums, schools, stadiums, public administrations.

Residential centers

Buildings and houses.

Health centers

Hospitals, clinics, gyms,beauty centers.

Why Sorantis TFM

SORANTIS TFM offers complete solutions, not just disparate services, which would not last.

We have experience in providing property maintenance services. We are proactive and always at a distance phone, message or email.

We make a difference through our offer of services and adjacent products, continuously fueled by proactivity and initiative.


Mobility and flexibility


Strong social and environmental


Of the services provided and the products delivered


Modern and optimized


Services and products


To define the project and its execution

NEW! Disinfection by 3D volumetric nebulization!

Disinfected EU registered, approved biocide

Kills 99.98% of bacteria and viruses

Decomposes without harmful secondary products

The recent Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has made it essential to take the necessary steps to maintain the health of our homes, and at Sorantis TFM it has become our duty to ensure that you and your home get the best treatment you need to keep your family safe.

Although it is very important to take recommended preventive measures, such as washing and sanitizing your hands regularly, your home also requires disinfection and sanitization of all surfaces and floors.

We offer complete disinfection and sanitation of your home to remove all harmful bacterial and viral germs from all surfaces.

Fast and efficient

The disinfection process is applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing a minimum shutdown time for your location.

Reduced toxicity

Our favorite products have low toxicity values without harmful chemical residues and have proven to be safe for humans and pets

Significantly less expensive

Affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of treatment after illness


Years of experience


National coverage


Loyal employees


Traditional partners