We provide personalized services,

designed to the specifics of your business.

Personnel management is our asset. A satisfied employee is the guarantee of a satisfied customer, our business card!


Offices and headquarters.

Commercial and technical networks

Banking networks, shopping malls,logistics centers.

Industrial centers

Factories, laboratories.

Public centers

Hotels, museums, schools, stadiums, public administrations

Residential centers

Buildings and houses

Health centers

Hospitals, clinics, gyms, beauty centers.

Our services

We are the Facility Management company best adapted to the new challenges for your work space or for your home.

It defines the concept of operational excellence in everything we do – from staff recruitment and regular training, to the choice of equipment and materials, as well as the necessary consumables.

We are concerned about the quality of the service provided, but also the protection of the environment. We deliver quality services with a view to sustainable development.

Daily cleaning on a subscription basis

Cleaning on request

Periodic general cleaning

Cleaning glazed spaces

Dust control

Waste management and closure of environmental obligations

3D – Pest control, Disinsection, Disinfection

Snow Removal

Hygienic-sanitary consumables

Carpet cleaning

Pickling hard surfaces

Industrial cleaning

Cleaning of alleys and street areas

We complete professional cleaning services necessary to maintain a comfortable and pleasant work or living space.

Whether you need renovations, small repairs, furniture relocations,or landscaping, our teams will help you at any time with real and useful ideas to make you feel good at home or at your office.
We are concerned about the quality of the service we provide, but also about the environment. We deliver quality services with a view to sustainable development.

Interior design and minor repairs

Landscaping and maintenance of green spaces

Relocation of furniture and equipment

Snow Removal

Mechanical services, electrical and sanitary installations

Energy audit

The book of constructions

Periodic technical inspections

We didn’t stop when it came to taking care of the space. We’ve added services to eliminate your daily worries.

We welome our customers with quality services, carefully processed, optimizing costs and working time.

We rely on trained teams, a dedicated fleet and reliable partners with extensive experience in its industry. We create synergies every day between customer needs and our experience, continuously creating trust.

Front Office services: reception & hosting

Back Office services: call center, document management & archiving, courier, office supply

Logistics Services: warehousing & picking and transport

Personal Services: merchandising, promoting, recruitment & selection, temporary replacements


Years of experience


National coverage


Loyal employees


Traditional partners

Disinfection by 3D volumetric nebulization

Although it is very important to take recommended prevention measures, such as washing and sanitizing your hands regularly, your home also requires disinfection and sanitization of all surfaces and floors.

The recent Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has made it essential to take the necessary steps to maintain the health of our homes, and at Sorantis TFM it has become our duty to ensure that you and your home receive the best treatment you need to keep your family safe.

Fast and efficient

The disinfection process is applied quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing a minimum downtime of your location.

Reduced toxicity

Our favorite products have low toxicity values without harmful chemical residues and have proven to be safe for humans and pets.

Significantly less expensive

Affordable and significantly less expensive than the cost of treatment after illness.