Sorantis TFM is a company specialized in providing integrated property maintenance services.

We are a winning company that integrates strategic planning with a dedicated operational focus, delivering the best results for its customers.

Present in the market of Facility Management services since 2002, Sorantis TFM has permanently improved its area of competence, offering its customers quality services at the best prices.

Success in Facility Management is judged not only by the efficiency with which it is operated, but also by the approach to work: to listen carefully, to think creatively and to work in cooperation. Each project benefits from dedicated management.

Performance translates into structured meetings, detailed reports, ongoing communication, performance indicators, delivery of results, continuous improvement of services provided and proactivity.


Company with fully private capital, started in 2002

Consolidating over time valuable experience in providing property maintenance services for private clients and prestigious multinational companies.

In October 2014, the company receives a new breath through an updated management, implementing new working procedures and a strategic construction with well-defined objectives.


Years of experience


National coverage


Loyal employees


Traditional partners


Satisfied companies and dozens of other happy customers


SORANTIS TFM offers complete solutions, not just disparate services, at the moment.

We have experience in providing property maintenance services. We are proactive and always at one phone distance, message or email away.

We make a difference through our offer of services and adjacent products, continuously fueled by proactivity and initiative.


Mobility and flexibility


Strong social and environmental


Of the services provided and the products delivered


Modern and optimized


Services and products


To define the project and its execution

Certifications and accreditations

SORANTIS TFM benefits from an integrated quality management system: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

  • Environment authorization
  • Sanitary-Veterinary Authorization
  • Notification of Conformity Public Health Directorate
  • Phytosanitary Authorization

SORANTIS TFM is since June 2020 a member of ROFMA – Romanian Faciliy Management Association.

Services that add value to the integrated package

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Services
  • 24/7 Warehousing
  • On-time reporting
  • CAFM
  • Intelligent remote communication via mobile terminals.

Principles of sustainability

SORANTIS TFM is committed to operating in all locations to the highest standards of environmental protection, as evidenced by the ongoing investments in refurbishment and modernization of work processes.

We focus our efforts on promoting green solutions, which involve a different way of thinking about the whole process, with modern means and attention to all aspects of the impact on the environment. Our solutions aim to:

Use of biodegradable detergents

Low detergent machines and equipment

Integration of new technologies with minimal impact on the environment

Reducing paper consumption

Implementation of new working procedures with reduced plastic consumption

A strict policy for selective waste collection

The main priority of SORANTIS TFM is to ensure the health and safety of our employees and their families, customers and our communities!

We continue to serve our customers in full compliance with the rules and provisions of applicable law. Active monitoring of the evolution of the COVID-19 situation has led us to implement additional measures to minimize the risk to health.

Additional work equipment for SORANTIS TFM employees

Additional and constant training of operational and administrative teams regarding the new working rules imposed by the Ministry of Health through the Public Health Directorates

Proactive proposals and speedy implementation of new additional sanitation solutions for locations

Integration into the service portfolio of new methods and technologies that secure the working and living environment of our customers and employees

Implementation of electronic solutions to minimize the physical handling of documents

The introduction of remote work, when the activity of the company allows

Additional cleaning and decontamination of work areas


Orientation towards impeccable results
Respect for the law

These are the values that SORANTIS TFM bases on its activity and business conduct. Our company honors its commitment to conduct business in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner with the stated goal of building long-term relationships based on trust and backed by our core values, both with customers and suppliers, and with business partners..

Suppliers are our partners.

Sorantis TFM dedicates all its efforts to maintaining the highest standards of its services and relies fundamentally on its suppliers in this regard, as they play an important role in our daily work. SORANTIS TFM wants its suppliers to share the desire to be the best, innovative, efficient and concerned with quality, while respecting the same core values in business.